Team/Organization Soccer Combine

Team/Organization Soccer Combine   

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  • Soccer-specific combine testing using Fusion Sport Smartspeed Testing Equipment!

Athletes will be tested in the 40 Yard Dash, Pro-Agility (5-10-5), Vertical Jump,and Shot Velocity Using the same equipment as the MLS, NFL, and NBA



  • Data and Results are available within 48 hours of the combine. Combine results can be used to track player progress, quantify the tryout and selection process, and help student-athletes market themselves to High School and Collegiate Coaches.


  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training/speed and agility programs. Comparing results over a period of time allows trainers and coaches to concretely determine if a program is working for their team and adjust accordingly.  Comparative results can also be used by individuals looking for personal areas of improvement.


  • Motivate your players by sharing their results and comparative data.


  • Partnering with Guiding Future Stars to educate high school student-athletes, parents, schools and organizations in understanding how to navigate through the College Recruiting Process! Clubs/Families have the option of receiving a copy of the Designing Your Pathway to College Sports E-book. This tutorial will guide you through all of the proper steps to find the right academic institution that fits your needs academically, athletically, and personally.


  • Student-Athlete Profile Page (if applicable) – Prospective Student-Athletes will have the option to construct a Player Profile Page that will stand out to all College Coaches. Cost for the Profile page is $10.


Everything we do at Scholar-Athlete Advantage and Guiding Future Stars is to help Student-Athletes. We believe our services for clubs will provide valuable academic and athletic information for the Student-Athlete as well as athletic data and results for coaches and trainers.








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