Middle School Soccer Combine and Recruiting Event

Middle School Soccer Combine and Recruiting Event

$100 registration fee includes participation in the event and a Scholar-Athlete Advantage dri-fit shirt (Team discounts are available)

The Soccer Combine will consist of the following events and evaluations:

  • Registration
  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Instructional Clinic with local college and high school coaches
  • 30 Meter Sprint
  • Vertical Jump
  • Max Vertical Jump
  • Pro-Agility Drill (5-10-5)
  • Zig-Zag Drill
  • 5 Point Star Drill
  • Shot Velocity Drill
  • Lunch/Snack Break (Snacks and water/Gatorade will be provided)
  • Two Small Sided Games 35 minute games
  • One 11 v. 11 70 minute game
    • Players are guaranteed 105 minutes of playing time
    • Players will receive instruction from local college and high school coaches
  • Goalkeepers will participate 30 Meter Sprint, Vertical Jump, Max Vertical Jump, and Pro-Agility Drills and will spend the remainder of their morning session participating in a training session with a goalkeeper coach.
  • Academic Information Session (open to parents)

Morning Session


Dynamic warm up


30 Meter Sprint

The athlete will run 30 Meters in a straight line as fast as possible. You will be measured on two readings during the sprint, looking for something different in each segment.

At 10 meters, you will be measured on your power to see how quickly you get off the line.

At 20 meters, you will be measured on your ability to accelerate and your level of endurance. Is the athlete able to maintain his/her speed or accelerate more, or will he/she slow down at the end of the run.  

The 30 meter sprint time will be measured by Fusion Sport Electronic Timing Gates.


Vertical Jump

The Vertical Jump will measure an athlete’s ability to generate power with his/her legs, which is an important factor in the lower-body strength of the athlete. You stand flatfooted on our Fusion Sport Electronic Jump Mat System which will enable Scholar-Athlete Advantage to accurately measure your vertical leap.

Pro Agility Drill (5-10-5)

The Pro Agility Drill (5-10-5), is a test that measures lateral movement. The Pro Agility Drill places two cones 10 yards apart with a third in the middle at five yards. The athlete starts at the center timing gate in a crouched position. When the athlete is set, he/she runs five yards to an end cone/line, touches it with his/her hand, then changes direction and sprints 10 yards and touches the opposite cone/line. To finish, the athlete changes course again and dashes back past the starting point of the drill.  Time will be measured by Fusion Sport Electronic Timing Gates.

Zig-Zag Drill

The Zig-Zag drill will measure the quickness and cutting ability of the player going from left to right around 5 cones/sticks without a ball.  The cones/sticks will be measured at a distance 5 yards apart and 10 yards forward. After sprinting around the cones/sticks, the player will then sprint straight back 25 yards with a ball, turn back and sprint again 25 yards with a ball and pass the ball into the goal.  The player will then sprint around the cones/sticks again without a ball to the original starting point. The athlete will be timed from the starting position to the ending position using Fusion Sport Electronic timing Gates.  

5 Point (Star) Drill

The 5 point (Star) Drill will measure the time it takes a player to sprint with and without a ball, using 5 points on the field with each point being 10 yards from the center. The center of the drill will have 2 cones/sticks. The player will begin point 1 by sprinting 10 yards to the center and through the cones/sticks. The player will then pass a ball to a goal, sprint around the next cone/stick, retrieve another ball and sprint back to the center through the 2 cones/sticks and pass the ball to the same goal. This will occur a total of 5 times finishing with a sprint to the starting position. The player runs a total of 100 yards as quickly as possible while controlling a ball. 5 balls will be used for this drill.  The athlete will be timed from the starting position to the ending position using Fusion Sport Electronic timing Gates. 

Shot Velocity (right and left foot)

This drill will test the speed of the players shot from 18 yards out.  Each player will get 2 shots with their right foot and 2 shots with their left foot.  The player will begin by taking at least 2 touches of the ball from the 22 yard line to the 18 yard line and then shoot. The data will be taken using a radar gun and the best score with each foot will be used to complete the drill.