Middle School Academic Information Session

SAA Middle School Academic Information Session

The Scholar-Athlete Advantage Group Middle School Academic Information Session will educate parents of the importance of many topics including:

• When to Start Preparing for High School and School selection
• Academic Requirement and Expectations
• The Importance of School Attendance
• Extracurricular Activities/Sports Specialization
• ERB/SSAT/ISEE and Admissions Testing and Choosing the Right Test for You
• Content for Recommendation Letters
• Choosing the Right High School
• Financial Aid and Parental Expectations
• The High School Academic Workload
• Parental Commitment to the High School Experience
• The Interview and Visitation Process
• Importance of the High School Visit and Open House
• Deadlines, Timelines, and Length of the Application Process
• PIAA Eligibility and Transfer Rules

An abbreviated version of the academic session will be presented at team/organization combines.

Middle School Academic Webinars will also be facilitated by our Director of Academic Advancement and will be held once a month.