Information Sessions

Information Sessions

Any student-athlete who has registered for a Scholar-Athlete Advantage individual combine/clinic will have access to a 90 minute academic information session hosted by our Director of Academic Advancement.  There will also be guest speakers presenting pertinent material to athletes during this session.  Parents of student-athletes who choose to attend will also be able to participate in the 90 minute information academic session. Topics covered at these sessions include but are not limited to:

Preparing for College

  •  Academics – NCAA Eligibility
  • NCAA Initial Eligibility Process
  • Calculate Core Course GPA
  • Resources for Parents

Starting Your College Search

  • Understanding College “Fit”
  • The College Board’s “Big Future”
  • Understanding Admissions Options
  • College Visits – “Questions to Ask”
  • NCAA Recruiting Facts

How to Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center 

  • “Your Path to the Student Athlete Experience”
  • Registration Checklist
  • Using the Dashboard & Task List

Paying for College

  • Understanding the Cost of College Attendance
  • Financial Aid Myths and Realities
  • Navigating the FAFSA – Six Steps to Conquer the FAFSA
  • Interpreting Your Financial Aid Award Letter

Life as a Collegiate Student-Athlete

  • Campus Safety
  • Time Management
  • Social Media Awareness (Do’s and Dont’s)
  • Responsible Decision Making