Youth Take 60 Fitness Challenge   Sports-Specific Combine and Color Run Fundraising Events

Participating in our Unique Fitness Programs is the PERFECT WAY TO  RAISE $$$ for your Township, School, Sports Organization or other Social Functions

  • Scholar-Athlete Advantage will facilitate the entire event!
  • You provide the space and we take care of the rest!
  • This is a hassle-free event with no cost to your organization!                                                                 

 Volunteers are welcome but are not necessary.  Students in the community who would like to volunteer will be able to receive community service hours and a letter stating their service to the community.  This could be used for the college application process.

Scholar-Athlete Advantage is dedicated to teaching children a healthier lifestyle by being active for 60 minutes a day as well as working with communities by providing “FUN-FITNESS-FUNDRAISING” events to build community spirit.

*Benefits of being active and playing together involve learning social and emotional skills that they can take with them through all aspects of their life.

Our Youth Take 60 Fitness Challenge, sports combines and color runs are opportunities for children and adults to “break a sweat” and have a fun, safe environment to interact with one another through fitness.


    (WE WILL MODIFY TO MEET THEIR NEEDS)                                                                                       


Program Description

The following fundraising opportunities include our: 

• Youth Take 60 Fitness Challenge (check out our video below!!!)

• Sport-Specific Combines

• Color Run

Youth Take 60 Fitness Challenge

This unique fitness event consists of customized “sports combine testing” using Fusion Sport Laser-Timed Equipment. The same equipment used at professional sports combine events. Our Youth Take 60 Fitness Challenge gives participants the opportunity to have fun indoors or outdoors, navigating through an obstacle course and using equipment such as Battle Ropes, Omnikin Balls, Scooter Boards, Hop Along Bouncers and much more…
Lastly, children and adults can participate in various team-building activities to improve communication skills, leadership qualities, increase motivation and encourage creativity.

Sports-Specific Combine Testing  

Combine testing events for teams/organizations and individuals using Fusion Sport Smartspeed Laser-Timed Equipment.  The same equipment used at professional sports combine events. 

Upbeat music provided by our DJ to keep their energy levels high!!

It is a great tool for enhancing practice sessions, the tryout process, as well as a benchmark for speed and agility training.

Click on the sport of your choice to see an in depth description of the testing drills

Data and results are available within 72 hours of the combine. 

• Combine results can be used as a benchmark to track player progress and quantify the tryout and selection process.  

• Our athletic combines are designed to quantify your athletic abilities and incorporate sport-specific tests that peak the interest of college coaches. 

• High School athletes can attach scores to their Player Profile Page. 

• Youth athletes can participate in a fun activity that keeps them motivated.

Color Run

2 Options:

1. Donation-Based Color Run uses a pledge site developed for each participant to raise funds individually. 

2. Entrance Fee-Based Color Run opens the event up to the community.  You will choose an entrance fee such as $25 per person and we can provide a custom registration website for your event. 

For more information on our fundraising events, please contact Jeff Stever at 215 280-7740 or