Combine testing events for teams/organizations and individuals using Fusion Sport Smartspeed Laser-Timed Equipment. The same equipment used at professional sports combine events.

Great tool for enhancing practice sessions, the tryout process, as well as a benchmark for speed and agility training.

40 Yard Dash

Pro-Agility (5-10-5)

3 Cone Drill

Vertical Jump

Broad Jump


40-Yard Dash


The athlete will run 40 yards in a straight line as fast as possible.  You will be measured on three readings during the dash, looking for something different in each segment. 

At 10 yards, you will be measured on your power to see how quickly you get off the line. 

At 20 yards, you will be measured on your ability to accelerate.

 At 40 yards, you will be measured on your level of endurance.   Are you able to maintain your speed or accelerate more, or do you slow down at the end of the run. Your “40” time will be measured by Fusion Sport Electronic Laser-Timing Gates.


Pro-Agility Drill (5-10-5)


The Pro-Agility (5-10-5), is a test that measures lateral movement.  The Pro-Agility Drill places two cones 10 yards apart with a third in the middle at five yards.  The athlete starts at the center timing gate in a three-point stance.  When the athlete is set, he/she runs five yards to an end cone/line, touches it with his/her hand, then changes direction and sprints 10 yards and touches the opposite cone/line.  To finish, the athlete changes course again and dashes back past the starting point of the drill.  Time will be measured by Fusion Sport Electronic Laser-Timing Gates. 


3-Cone Drill (L-Drill)


The 3 Cone Drill, or “L” Drill, tests agility, acceleration and speed.  The drill gets its name from its set-up: three cones positioned five yards apart in the shape of an “L”.  Starting at one cone, you sprint straight ahead to the second cone.  You will then quickly reverse direction and run back to the starting cone.  Next, you sprint again to the second cone, make a hard right turn and speed to the third cone, which you loop around from the inside out, then retrace your steps back around the second cone to the staring cone.  The athlete is running a total of 30 yards while making three sharp turns during the drill.  Time will be measured by Fusion Sport Electronic Laser-Timing Gates.  


Vertical Jump


The Vertical Jump will measure an athlete’s ability to generate power with his/her legs, which is an important factor in the lower-body strength of an athlete.  Keeping the feet flat on the ground, the point of the fingertips is marked or recorded.  This is called the standing reach height.  The athlete will then jump as high as possible.  By using both arms and legs to assist in projecting the body upwards, the athlete will then jump as high as possible.  The difference in the standing reach height and the jump height in “inches” is the score.


Broad Jump



The Broad Jump also tests an athlete’s power from a standstill position.  Your performance is measured horizontally rather than vertically.  You stand with your feet evenly on a line, crouch down and then jump forward as far as you can.  Your distance is measured from the starting line to the heel of your rear landing foot.  The athlete should attempt to land evenly on both legs.  


  • Data and results are available within 72 hours of the combine.
  • Combine results can be used as a benchmark to track player progress and quantify the tryout and selection process.
  • Our athletic combines are designed to quantify your athletic abilities and incorporate sport-specific tests that peak the interest of college coaches.
  • High School athletes can attach scores to their Player Profile Page.
  • Youth athletes can participate in a fun activity that keeps them motivated.


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