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Total Inclusion for all participants (we will modify to meet their needs)

Fitness Challenge consists of customized “sports combine testing” using Fusion Sport laser-timed equipment. The same equipment used at professional sports combine events.
40 yard Dash
Pro-Agility (5-10-5)
Vertical Jump
Broad Jump
Zig Zag Obstacle Course
Team Building Games
Participants will be able to have fun navigating through an obstacle course and using equipment such as Omnikin balls, hop along bouncers and much more…

The children of the employees will have a blast participating in our Youth Take 60 Challenge Events!!


40-Yard Dash

The athlete will run 40 yards in a straight line as fast as possible. You will be measured on three readings during the dash, looking for something different in each segment.
At 10 yards, you will be measured on your power to see how quickly you get off the line.
At 20 yards, you will be measured on your ability to accelerate.
At 40 yards, you will be measured on your level of endurance. Are you able to maintain your speed or accelerate more, or do you slow down at the end of the run.
Your “40” time will be measured by Fusion Sport Electronic Laser-Timing Gates.

Pro-Agility Drill (5-10-5)

The Pro-Agility (5-10-5), is a test that measures lateral movement. The Pro-Agility Drill places two cones 10 yards apart with a third in the middle at five yards. The athlete starts at the center timing gate in a three-point stance. When the athlete is set, he/she runs five yards to an end cone/line, touches it with his/her hand, then changes direction and sprints 10 yards and touches the opposite cone/line. To finish, the athlete changes course again and dashes back past the starting point of the drill. Time will be measured by Fusion Sport Electronic Timing Gates.

Vertical Jump

The Vertical Jump will measure an athlete’s ability to generate power with his/her legs, which is an important factor in the lower-body strength of an athlete. Keeping the feet flat on the ground, the point of the fingertips is marked or recorded. This is called the standing reach height. The athlete will then jump as high as possible. By using both arms and legs to assist in projecting the body upwards, the athlete will then jump as high as possible. The difference in the standing reach height and the jump height in “inches” is the score.

Broad Jump

The Broad Jump also tests an athlete’s power from a standstill position. Your performance is measured horizontally rather than vertically. You stand with your feet evenly on a line, crouch down and then jump forward as far as you can. Your distance is measured from the starting line to the heel of your rear landing foot. The athlete should attempt to land evenly on both legs.


               Zig Zag Obstacle Course

 The Zig Zag obstacle course with agility ladders is a fun test of speed and agility. Each athlete will sprint 5 yards, and then use their feet in the agility ladder or hexagon rings. He/she will then cut in and out of 4 agility poles spaced 5 yards apart. Upon finishing running through the agility poles, he/she will jump over 4 mini hurdles. Once this portion is completed, the client will use box jumps as steps and then use the “vertec” to jump as high as possible. Lastly, he/she will sprint 10 yards. Total Distance is 60 yards.

Team Building Games

In terms of corporate development, our fun team building games will create a bonding experience that will improve morale, communication and productivity for employees. Some of these games will involve exercise, but we will modify to meet the needs of the participants.

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